Energi Teknikk is a total supplier of equipment and services for development and operation of power plants.

We offer turbines, switchboards and control systems, as well as a dedicated service department for operation and maintenance. We have a 24-hour emergency phone service, including remote diagnostics on control systems. Energi Teknikk is approved as supplier to the energy industry through the Sellicha qualification system.

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Energi Teknikk International strives to give complete support to our clients by turnkey system.

We provide consulting services and mediation in projects financed by the Norway guarantee institution GIEK and Norway State Fond Eksport Kreditt Norway.

After developing the Brekke turbine, our range of products for large plants significantly expanded and so far we have built over 150 hydropower projects.

Energi Teknikk International in cooperation with Energi-Teknikk AS offers very efficient and contemporary solutions to potential clients in all project aspects.

About Us

Energi Teknikk International is a total supplier of equipment and services for the construction of hydropower plants.

The company manufactures and sells turbines, control systems and panels, and we have our own service department for operation and maintenance.

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Pelton turbine (for high head, low flow), which consists of a set of small buckets arranged around a wheel onto which one or more jets of water are arranged to impact. A variant is the Turgo turbine, which spins faster than a Pelton, making it easier to connect to a generator.

Francis turbine (medium head and high flow), which has a spiral casing that directs the water flow through vanes on a rotor. It is commonly used in larger hydro schemes.

Propeller turbine (very low head and high flow) has fixed blades, like a boat propeller . A more complex version, the Kaplan turbine, has blades that can be adjusted in pitch relative to the flow.

ET Auto Control system - Control system for plants supplied by us, and upgrading of old plants

Consultancy services - Pre-projects, license applications, powerhouses, consultancy , budgeting etc.

Service agreements, remote diagnoses and 24-hour on-call service.