Energi Teknikk International has its own department with a 24-hour on-call service. We offer service and maintenance agreements for all plants that are supplied by us, as well as for plants supplied by other manufacturers.

An annual service agreement includes a 24-hour on-call service, in additon to periodic inspections of the plant's condition with subsequent reporting to the customer.

The inspection entails a mechanical and electro-technical review of the system. Among other things, we inspect runners and seals, and check the oil, filters and accumulator pressure. We also check for wear, the condition of the paintwork etc. The electro-technical review includes IR photography to check that no connections have overheated, insulation resistance measurements of the generator and the power station's power supply, function tests with a full review of the plant's control and safety functions etc.

Energi Teknikk International stocks a wide range of spare parts to meet anticipated requirements.

Our service team responds very rapidly in the event of unforeseen incidents.

In addition to periodic maintenance agreements, we offer remote diagnostics and the possibility of connection to our operations center.